Bahrain by Night

Seeing as the blog is so new i'll be padding it out with a few cool events that happened earlier in the year and in no particular order! Once I get it up and running i'll stick with the flow of things but for now - here's my trip to Bahrain with a McLaren P1 and 991 GT3 amongst other things!

Not a bad setup.

One of - if not the best thing about car culture - is the people you meet. I have been incredibly fortunate on my travels to meet some enthusiastic and seriously generous petrol heads, one of which invited myself and a friend out to Bahrain to drive his insanely awesome cars around the Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) all night! And yes i said all night because it is so hot there during the day that track time is better in the evening...awesome.

 And I thought Silverstone was far away.

And I thought Silverstone was far away.

It was my first time to Bahrain and within hours of being there I had met fantastic people, eaten great food and saturated myself in car talk while waiting for the sun to set before heading off to the track.

 Crazy tower of sweets. Nom.  

Crazy tower of sweets. Nom.  

Cool car in the hotel car park - always a good sign!  First time I'd seen a BMW Gran Coupe on the road, these things have a great stance! Genuine Bentley Continental contender. 


To the track! It transpired the circuit was rented for the evening just between friends - this was not an open event as such but nevertheless what started out as a few friends heading to the track developed into a collection of some of the best supercars and hypercars I had seen collectively in a while - and best of all - every car was putting in some track time, great to see 

Check out my video below of a quick (albeit shaky) pit walk...

You know it's going to be an interesting evening when the first car on track is a Type 35 Bugatti...

Our cars for the evening...WTF? 

Custom 991 GT3 Interior.

Take your pick...

At almost 4 miles long (6.3km) in it's complete 'Endurance' layout - Bahrain is a fantastic circuit to learn and despite it essentially being built in the desert, designer Hermann Tilke engineered plenty of undulation and banked corners into the equation making it a really interesting drive.  

Casual GT2 RS & Bugatti Type 35 having it out dow the start finish straight. The pit lane straight is over 1000 meters long, that GT2 would have been thankful for it's ceramic brakes for the tight right hander at the end.

Rear of the year?

Satin finished Audi RS6 chilling out in the pits. It didn't hit the track but had some serious presence in the pit lane.

Another rare addition to the pits. The Nlargo didn't hit the track either but I heard it coming into the complex and thought an F1 car was turning up! It sounded insane. The Nlargo also picked a pretty cool place to park. Based on a Ferrari F12 and heavily augmented by Novitec the Nlargo has earned it's self somewhat of a marmite status (you either love it or hate it) amongst the supercar world. I'm not a big fan of modifying cars of this calibre to such a degree, but it is always fun to see someone who is! 

918 joined the action

Throughout the evening, epic cars kept turning up...

Supercars at Bahrain

And then THIS happened! 

McLaren F1 GTR.jpg

I was just getting settled into the 991 GT3 - it was my first time in the drivers seat of the new Porsche and I had been wanting to drive that car for so long - I couldn't wait. But as I was fastening my helmet strap I glanced in the rear view mirror to see the bright orange swan doors of this McLaren F1 GTR opening up as it had just arrived at the track. I'm not sure I have ever removed myself from a car with such enthusiasm in all my life. Forgetting to take my helmet off I wondered around the pits snapping off all sorts of angles of this car - with my helmet on I couldn't exactly look through the viewfinder so - forgive some of the dodgy angles! 

Of all the cars here there wasn't a single Ferrari going around the track, not one! What is with that? Despite the lack of any prancing horses there was still lots of cool stuff to keep us entertained, I even took several laps of the circuit in a Fiat 500 (595 Competition). Despite it lacking power it was a hilarious little car to learn the track in and gave you a real appreciation for how fast the GT3 was. Having jumped straight out of the Abarth into the GT3 it's like strapping yourself to a rocket in comparison.

P1 roof scoop and an angry RS6 

Typically these days I take more photos and video on my iPhone than with an actual camera - but with the intention of sharing lots of cool stuff - here are a few grainy pictures of the evening too...

Bahrain International Circuit

Sharing experiences after a truly memorable time at Bahrain International Circuit. Hopefully i'll get to go back there again soon, it's one of the best tracks I have ever driven and the enthusiasm for cars here and general car culture is intoxicating. Watch this space!